Position Held at AquaPlan:


Employed since:


Tertiary Education:
University of Ghent

B.Eng (Chem) Pr.Eng

Relevant Experience

Professional Engineer (H₂SO₄ Bulk storage tank, Approval of design and Drawings)


Professional Engineer (Langer Heinrich Uranium mine water treatment plant upgrade – Consulting Engineer and Process Design Engineer)


Process Design Engineer (Grootvlei Reverse Osmosis Plant 150m³/H – All designing principles)


Process Design Engineer (Hemcro Africa Reverse Osmosis Plant 3m³/H – All designing principles)


Construction Manager (Blackrock SBR’s)


Construction Manager (Gloria SBR’s)


Construction Manager (Nchwaning)


Construction Manager (CWA Mauritius 84 m3/h Sand Filtration Plant)


Construction Manager (KOBWA 1 ML/day potable water treatment plant)


Construction Manager (Zululand District Municipality- 1.5 ML/day potable water treatment plant package plant)