Higher biological removal performance and blockage-free retention screens

AquaPlan is proud to be an official distributor of the Mutag BioChip product line in South Africa. We deal directly with Mutag and can provide costing and technical assistance quickly and accurately. We welcome you to contact us regarding these excellent products.


The criterion of the biological removal capacity of carrier media in MBBR systems is the biggest possible quantity of active biomass which can be established on the carrier media. With the further developed Mutag BioChip30TM the increase in the biological removal can be up to 15%. The criterion of the removal capacity is not the often specified surface area. The theoretically comparable surface of the Mutag BioChip30TM is assessed with approx. 5,500 m2/m3.

Mutag BioChip from 2008 + Mutag BioChip 30TM (virgin and recycled material)

The optimized Mutag BioChip30TM has an outer diameter of up to 30 mm. This facilitates an optimization of the carrier media retention screens against blockage by solids in the wastewater. The free circular passage can be chosen with a bore diameter of 20 mm without any problems. Despite the large screen holes the carriers are being retained in the tank and deflected from the screen surface.


Rv 12-16, 12 mm bores
51% free screen area

Optimized for Mutag BioChip 30TM

Rv 20-25, 20 mm bores
58% free screen area

Using a Rv 20-25 perforation provides the possibility of an additional performance increase or cost reduction of 7%. A further essential benefit is the improved movement of the large paraboloid Chips which are now mixed much better by the air-water stream in the MBBR. The stable outer ring protects the inner pore system from mechanical influence for a maximized longevity.

The essential benefits at a glance

– up to 5,500 m2/m3 of surface area or 15% more performance
– outer diameter: approx. 30 mm
– blockage-free, large-pored retention screens (bore diameter: 20 mm)
– optimized motion characteristics in the moving bed reactor
– diffusion of substrate and O2 into the complete biomass
– stable outer ring for protection from mechanical impacts
– THE carrier media of the future for most compact and efficient biological
wastewater treatment systems, or for optimization of the biological removal
– in comparison more favorable
Particularly suitable for municipal/domestic sewage and for solid-rich wastewaters.

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