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Welcome to AquaPlan Watertreatment Engineering

AquaPlan is a Watertreatment Engineering company serving Sub-Saharan Africa. AquaPlan was founded in 1995 and recent years have seen AquaPlan become a market leader in the Watertreatment Engineering sector. Our competitive edge lies in cost effective, quick, accurate and professional help to the client.

AquaPlan consists of dedicated engineers, consulting specialists and project managers supported by a comprehensive manufacturing team specialising in chemical, mechanical and electrical disciplines related to Watertreatment Engineering.

Water Filtration Systems, Water Filtration, Filtration Systems, Water Filtration System, Reverse Osmosis Water Filtration
AquaPlan Engineers design, manufacture, install and service filtration systems covering a wide spectrum of application areas within the water treatment engineering field. We advise clients to the most suitable solution while maintaining effectiveness and efficiency of the application. Read more on Filtration.
Potable Water
We have adapted our services to proving clean drinking water to the complete spectrum of applications. Read more on Potable Water.
Sewage Treatment
Sewage Treatment, Sewage Treatment Plants, Sewage Waste Water Treatment, Package Sewage Treatment Plant, Sewage Treatment Systems, SBR Sewage Treatment
AquaPlan has designed, manufactured and installed various reactor type SBR sewage treatment facilities throughout South-Africa. Read more on Sewage Water Treatment.
Pump Assembly, Hi-Pressure Ammonia Dosing, Strainer Basket, Process Liquid Distributor For Scrubbing Tower, Mobile Resin Transfer Hopper, Domestic Reverse Osmosis Plant, UV Disinfection For Vegetable Washing Plant
Some processes are not conventional, but forming part of water treatment, we will design and build them. Our aim, as a dedicated team of Engineers and professionals, is to turn a process challenge into a suitable solution cost effectively and efficiently. Read more on our Miscellaneous products.
Ion Exchange and Condensate Polishing
Ion Exchange, Ion Exchange Water Softener, Ion Exchange Equipment, Ion Exchange Filter Elements, Ion Exchange Resins, Condensate Polishing
Ion Exchange (IX) is our specialty. We understand the processes that render optimised process configurations and superior quality results. Whether it is basic softening of water, or precious metal exchange for advanced mining activities, AquaPlan Engineers can design, manufacture and install the Ion Exchange process that suits the requirement and yields the most efficient results. Read more on Ion Exchange and Condensate Polishing.
Reverse Osmosis systems (RO)
Reverse Osmosis Water System, Reverse Osmosis Systems, Reverse Osmosis Water Filtration System, Reverse Osmosis System, Reverse Osmosis Water Systems, Reverse Osmosis Water Filter System, Reverse Osmosis Water Filter Systems
Reverse osmosis systems worldwide, have yielded outstanding performance results and in some instances can be seen as a plug-and play opportunity. However, we see every application as a process challenge ensuring that we consider and check all variables, process conditions, required quality levels as well as environmental parameters and characteristics. Read more on Reverse Osmosis systems (RO).
Venturi Eductors
Venturi Eductor, Venturi Eductors, Eductors

The hydraulic eductor is certainly one of the most successful products in the AquaPlan range of services. Our local design and precise, yet robust engineering techniques have seen the use of the Venturi Eductor grow to a wide application area, in almost any water treatment process. Read more on Venturi Eductors.

Nozzles, Screens & Strainers
strainers, plastic strainer, y strainers, pipeline strainers, Strainers, Plastic Strainer, Y Strainers, Pipeline Strainers, Stainless Steel Strainer
Our range of nozzles are manufactured by hand, injection moulded or CNC machined. Orifice and hydraulic design characteristics are precisely matched for superior performance in our processes. Read more on Nozzles, Screens & Strainers.
Ultrafiltration (UF)
Ultrafiltration Systems, Ultra Filtration Systems, Ultrafiltration (UF) Systems
AquaPlan Engineers design, manufacture, install and service Ultrafiltration systems. These systems can be used as stand-alone filtration process or as pre-treatment to further processes. Read more on Ultrafiltration (UF).
Pressure Vessel Manufacturing
  AquaPlan Engineers design, manufacture and install pressure vessels as required in the water treatment engineering field. We are manufacturers of custom and standard designed process, storage and transportation tanks. Read more on Pressure Vessel Manufacturing.
Consulting and Design
Water Filtration Systems, Reverse Osmosis Water Filtration System, Water Treatment Plant, High Pressure Filter, Potable Water Tanks, Water Treatment Systems, Sewage Treatment Plants, Sewage Water Treatment Plants, Ion Exchange, Stainless Steel Pressure Vessel, Industrial Potable Water Filter
It is often necessary to call in a specialist in a certain engineering field. This reduces cost, fast tracks troubleshooting, saves time and provides key strategic insights to the process. We will gladly assist in finding solutions that are technologically advanced, yet cost effective to implement. Read more
Project Management
Project Management, Project Management Consulting
These are Time of execution of the projects, Cost of the project to all stakeholders and the Quality of both the workmanship and yes the Quality of the water emanating from the process. We have in-house project engineers and managers that are the driving force behind the successful execution of every project. Read more
Manufacturing & Site Construction
We have teams that will go to site and construct, manufacture and install the project on site. This includes all processes necessary to drive the execution process. We endeavor, as far as possible, to use our own specialized and trained crew for all projects that we execute. This ensures professional and technical control, from design to hand-over and technology transfer. Read more
Specialised Water Treatment Processes
SBR Plant, Industrial Potable Water Filter, Potable Water Filters, Specialised Water Treatment, Sewage Treatment Plants
We have over the years focused on a wide variety of processes in order to present to the client a diversified yet focused combination of solutions. Read more
Laterals and Distributors
Water Filtration Systems, Reverse Osmosis Water Filtration System, Water Treatment Plant, High Pressure Filter, Potable Water Tanks, Water Treatment Systems, Sewage Treatment Plants, Sewage Water Treatment Plants, Ion Exchange, Stainless Steel Pressure Vessel, Industrial Potable Water Filter

We design, manufacture, test and install a wide variety of lateral systems that conform to pre-calculated flow regimes and patterns. Our choice of material of construction varies and depends on the application area, as well as the operational conditions of the system. Read more

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